About Us

I run a YouTube channel and an Instagram account, where I focus on fishing and hunting content! As a content creator I strive to put out videos that are both educating as well as entertaining.

Here at WanderOutdoors, we seek to find an adventure in every video we film! Whether we are chasing bass on our home lake or treading through the woods hunting small game, we are always up for a new experience, and we hope you join us!

our reason

As an avid outdoorsman, I decided to start a YouTube Channel to document my fishing and hunting trips. When I go out on fishing trips, I am mainly targeting largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as hybrid striped bass. I also love the adrenaline rush that comes from fishing my local “Tuesday Night Tournaments” at my home lake. I fish on Blue Marsh Lake which is located in Berks County, PA.

When I go hunting, I usually go for small game but sometimes I will go on an occasional deer hunt! I will hunt for small game on the State Game Lands surrounding Blue Marsh Lake, whereas the deer hunting is done on private property.

If you want to join me on all these adventures, then I recommend you hit that subscribe button on my YouTube channel or follow me below!

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